Hive Management Services

More complex hive manipulations such as hive splitting and honey harvesting can sometimes be daunting. We offer services to assist with these processes, and hopefully equip you with the confidence and knowledge to do it yourself in the future.

We also offer a hive buy-back program.


  • Hive Splitting

    This process involves splitting an established colony to create two 'daughter' colonies. We offer professional hive splitting assistance.

  • Honey Harvesting

    Harvesting honey can be a difficult and delicate process, especially for native bees. We offer professional honey harvesting assistance

  • Hive Buy-back

    We offer a number of hive buy-back opportunities, to make keeping native bees more affordable.

More information

Hive Splitting
Hive duplication is the process of creating two hives from one. It is by no means essential, and a hive may be able to survive many years without intervention, but generally we recommend to split your hive at least once so that you have a spare in case anything happens.

It is a fascinating process to watch. Increasing your number of beehives increases the number of local pollinators, and you can give them to friends and family to share the native bee love! ​

Hive duplication does carry some risks, which we take many measures to minimise - but you should be aware that sometimes, things can go wrong (although we experience a 95% success rate). ​

This service is available if you have had your hive for longer than 12 months without manipulating it, the hive is a healthy weight, and there is healthy activity at the entrance. You must have a second compatible empty box, which can be supplied by us for an additional cost.

Honey Harvesting
If you have a hive that has been fit out for honey harvesting (has a honey super), and it is ready to be harvested (minimum 24 months since last duplication, or 12 months since last harvest, healthy activity at entrance), we offer a honey harvesting service.

You get to keep 100% of the rare, delicious, and valuable honey that is harvested, in jars that are provided as part of the service. This honey retails for about $500/kg, but the bees produce very little (from 100g - 1kg per year).

Hive Buy-Back
We are always looking to increase our hive numbers and make keeping native bees more affordable, so we offer some hive buy-back options:

​ 1. Hive Duplication and Buy-back
We come to you free of charge (depending on your location) and duplicate your full, healthy colony of native bees. We will buy one of the new hives off of you for $200, and you get to keep the second hive. This means that you are left with one colony, and $200. ​

2. Full hive Buy-back
We purchase your full, healthy colony (minimum 18 months since last manipulation) for $350. ​ ​

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