Educational Services

We offer the opportunity for schools, community organisations, and more to book educational talks or workshops. We also periodically host independent educational talks or workshops for the general public to participate it, which can be viewed here.


  • Talks

    Educational talks for schools, pre-schools, early learning centres, councils, and more.

  • Workshops

    More hands-on experiences for a comprehensive native beekeeping education.

More information

Our educational talks are available for schools, councils, and more. They can be highly customised to suit the topics that your students are currently studying - for example life cycle, pollination, agriculture, and more. Talks can be made suitable for any age group. ​

Educational talks can optionally include a demonstration of an Australian Native Beehive duplication, a fascinating process that provides an insight into the internals of a beehive. This is only available in Spring-Summer.

Our hand-on workshops are ideal for a more comprehensive education on native bees. These can be customised, but generally include an overall introduction to native bees (and specifically stingless bees), looking at a native beehive and how to care for it, a hive duplication, honey tasting, and time for questions. Some aspects of workshops are available only during Spring-Summer. ​

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