Corporate Hive Hire & Maintenace

Place a pair of Australian native stingless beehives at your corporate or business location to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and the environment.

Our expert beekeepers take full care of the beehives offered in this service to provide a completely hassle free experience. This includes installation, periodic maintenance, health monitoring, and hive replacement should the bees fall ill.

Our beehives are protected by a tough and attractive wooden box, decorated with an authentic, local Indigenous artwork (representing the significant connection that many Aboriginal people have with native bees) on the roof.

Importantly, our bees areΒ completely stinglessΒ and therefore pose no stinging risk to passers-by.



  • Increase pollinator populations

    Supporting two hives of bees through this program looks after 60,000 native bees every year.

  • Improve biodiversity

    Native bees are particularly good at pollinating native plants. A single bee can visit up to 600 flowers in just one day

  • Connection to country

    Every hive is decorated with an authentic artwork by a talented local indigenous artist.

Why native bees?

European honey bees are important for crop pollination, but they are domesticated and introduced in Australia, meaning they don't really need any help. Native bees are important as they have existed in Australia for millions of years, evolving alongside our native flora and fauna. They are an essential part of our fragile ecosystem.

Native bees are also significant to many indigenous cultures, which is recognised by the artworks adorning the roofs of our hives.

Not only are native bees incredibly important for the environment and culture, they are also the most under threat. They are the bees that are most impacted by pesticides, land clearing, monocultures, climate change, and competition with introduced species.

Particularly in urban areas such as Sydney, issues including land clearing and pesticide use have led to declines in many species of native bees. In the 2019 bushfire season, over 1 million native stingless bee colonies are estimated to have perished in NSW alone. Supporting a hive of native bees is one of the most effective ways to help these native bee populations. ​

How it works

You get in touch, we discuss initial details, and conduct a site visit to ensure suitability. Then, a customised placement plan is developed with both the bees and your needs in mind.

Step 1

Our experienced native beekeepers install the pair of native stingless beehives at the discussed location.

Step 2

The bees are taken care of with periodic maintenance visits, they pollinate local flowers and improve biodiversity, and you get to rest easy in knowing you are doing something for the environment.

Step 3

Visit our 'Contact us' page to get in touch for more information.